The Organization for Innovation and Sustainable Development OISD is committed to empowering people by providing a platform, where people can meet, share and work together to drive changes towards education and sustainability at various levels

The OISD will focus on empowering people as educators for sustainable development and innovation and seeking effective strategies to maximize representatives of marginalized groups and where people will be fully engaged in dialogue and capacity-building training.

  • During the Program, people will identify specific priority issues around global citizenship and establish plans for the future direction of sustainable development and in education. Working both individually and in groups, the people will devise the goals and strategies for use at local and national levels.
  • Participants will learn about specific areas such as sustainable development and education through information sessions and engage in dialogue and debates on the evolving issues. As part of the OISD, participants will make a field visit to discuss the role of people for a more peaceful and sustainable future.
  • Our plan is to increase the number of our partner educational institutions so that students can enjoy more flexibility in their choices and we have courses and educational institutions for every single and specialized choice.
  • Our long-term strategy is to work in North region.