1. To empower & develop social, economical & Educational sectors.
  2. To promote technology and bring new innovations in the field of education and other aspects of lives.
  3. To achieve goals of sustainable development set by the united nations under the agenda 2030.
  4. To raise awareness and help the people in education, humanitarian, livelihood, poverty reduction techniques, community economic development, capacity building and women protection.
  5. To promote all round development of students abilities and personalities, and empower the potential. To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improve continually. 
  6. To support, sponsor, conduct and arrange training programmes, seminars, workshops and meetings for promoting interaction amongst non-government, semi government and government organization, institutions and individuals for attaining the objects of the society and to promote better understanding and cooperation with respect to social & economical development programs.
  7. To print and publish any periodicals, books, or leaflets for improvement of social & cultural values.
  8. To accept grants from any national and international donors, local authorities, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons, of money, movable and immovable property, donations, gifts, subscriptions, devises, bequests and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the society and in receiving any gifts of property to take the same either unconditionally or subject to any conditions which may be prescribed by the donor in writing within the legal ambit.
  9. To help in raising literacy rate through formal and non formal education;
  10. To help in induction of children from non formal education system into the formal system of education;
  11. To help in provision of skilled & non skilled labor to the industrial sector through vocational education and training of prospective children/juveniles;
  12. To strive for women development through education and training;
  13. Support rural development and participate in rehabilitation.
  14. Any other objective the society may deem necessary for uplift of the society subject to approval from concerned departments.