Time for a Change in Leadership?

This website is not about causing trouble for Overton ISD. Over the past month we have kept a low profile in the hopes that the people running our schools will finally take responsibility and act appropriately to the issues happening at the school and at school events. With the attention that this website garnered from school district officials and the members of the Overton School Board we hoped that that would be enough to force responsible behaviors and actions that would deescalate tensions and strife resulting in a safer environment for the children.

It was very troubling to hear that the principal, with the superintendent’s backing, sent two students away to the opponents side of the stadium without supervision and oversight and forbid them from traveling back with the school entourage and to find their own way home. These students were part of a school organization who traveled to the out of town game with the school as part of a sanctioned school event. Reports seem to show that the students had to call parents to arrange a way home.

Have the responses of the High School Principal and the School Superintendent  to the incidents of the past week triggered the threshold where parents should start demanding a change in leadership for Overton High School as well as for the entire Overton Independent School District?

Do you think that members of the School Board should consider that it’s time to make a change? The safety and well being of the students of OISD should the primary concern of every School Board member especially when everyone hears troubling reports that seem to indicate that they are not the primary concerns of the principal and superintendent.

Can we trust these people to be responsible to protect our children and look out for the education, safety and well being of the students at Overton High School?

Would you send your kid on a school trip knowing that the principal might decide to leave your kid at an out of town location and tell them to find their own way home?