Search Engine indexing

Since the undesired exposure of this website yesterday by Region VII and the Overton Independent School District, we have been exposed to numerous visits from search engine web crawlers, spiders and robots overnight and expect this site to start showing up in Google, Bing and WordPress searches.

It’s not what we wanted yet, but everybody’s welcome. In the near future look for us to add photos, statistics and other information relating to bullying, education, extra-curricular activities at Overton ISD. Thanks!

Traffic is picking up!

 Update 9-19-2014 8:28 am.

Wow! Without any search engine optimization tricks, this site is appearing as the 4th listing returned on Google when searching for Overton High School Bullying. Traffic is rapidly increasing with visitors from all over the state of Texas as well as some from out of state.

Thanks to the Overton ISD administration  and Region VII for driving the traffic here!