Nothing illegal, immoral, indecent or wrong with this web site

Wow, paranoia and wild accusations are flying around the school and the town here in Overton today!

There has not been any hacking of your computers or networks at either the school or the bank related to this website. However, the failure to maintain your computers and network in a reasonable secure manner could easily allow somebody else to compromise those systems. Remember back in 2010 when cyber thieves stole $200,000 from Gregg County Tax Assessor (See Longview News-Journal article here)?

FYI, every computer or phone that accesses information from a web site sends information to the web server that includes where the device is located, what type of operating system is used,what browser is being used as well as other information that can reveal vulnerabilities in your computer or phone whether it is an old Windows computer, a Mac, a ChromeBook, an iPhone, an iPad or Android phone (yes all of these accessed the web site yesterday). This is necessary so that the web server can format the web page so it can be viewed on the device properly.

It’s readily apparent to the web server that some systems (e.g. those using IE7 or IE8, old Windows versions, unpatched software, etc.) are wide open for literally thousands of attack vectors including those that can infect the computer from the either the web site the user is accessing or a totally different web site that he/she is not even aware of being connected. These malware can steal bank account information including user names and passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, credit and debit card numbers, etc. It can even be a trusted web site that has been compromised by cyber thieves. Sometimes, you never get your money back whether you are an individual, a business, or a government entity.

Nobody has breached anybody’s confidential discussions or phone calls. There are no bugs or other eavesdropping devices (that we are aware of). There was no need to involve law enforcement over this website. No laws have been broken.

As stated in the first post, anonymity is being used because of fear of reprisals from school administrators, parents, students and those with political clout in this town. The efforts of those who are intent on discovering the identities of those involved prove that anonymity is necessary! Why else would they be so determined to find out?  There has been no effort to state that any information posted here is incorrect.

This site exists to bring focus on the comings and goings of Overton ISD especially as to how the bullying situation is addressed and resolved. There have been no personal attacks on school system administrators, members of the board of directors, any students or parents.

No drama, no hyperbole, no misinformation. All we ask is a good faith effort to eradicate bullying at Overton schools and our belief is that our students and citizens will respond positively and this will become a non-issue where everybody can take pride in the result.

According to the policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Overton Independent School District, it could be argued that the inquiries and insinuations directed against parents and staff  about this website could be construed as meeting the definition of bullying. You know, just saying.